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How to Upload Your Etsy Banner

If you’ve just bought a new Etsy Banner Set from me, thank you! I’ll help you get your new graphics loaded in your shop!

Step 1:
Go to Etsy.com, and log into your shop account. In the top right-hand corner, hover your mouse over the “Your Shop” link, and choose “Info & Appearance” from the dropdown menu.


Step 2:
Once on the “Info & Appearance” page, hit the “Choose File” button. That’s the second section, after your shop title and tagline.


Step 3:
A window will pop up, so go to the folder on your computer in which you’ve saved your new graphics, and choose the file called “banner.jpg.” Hit the “Open” button to load that file into your Etsy shop.


Step 4: — Very important!!
Now, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and hit the blue “Save Changes” button.


Step 5:
After you’ve hit the “Save Changes” button, your new banner image should appear in the space under the “Choose File” button.


Step 6:
Go to your shop (you can get there by clicking the small button in the navigation bar on the Etsy.com web site—it is a little square and it’s to the right of the heard-shaped favorite button) and view your new banner in all of it’s glorious beauty!


Drop me a line if you need help—of course, if you need a cool new Etsy banner, I’ll be happy to help!
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