Listing Titles–Are They Important?


Listing Titles—Are They Important?

Well, yes they are! You knew I was going to say that! Just like your lead photo in your listing, the first few words of your title need to be eye catching, interesting, and make folks want to click on your pair of earrings rather than the listing next to yours. How do you do that?! It isn’t easy, and what exactly you should write depends upon what you are selling, but I do have a few general guidelines to help get you started.

1) Tell It Like It Is
Have some words in your title that would be what people would search for when looking for your item. What does that mean? Let’s use the earring example—what would your title be? So, you’re going to put “earring,” for sure, right? But what KIND of earring? Dressy or casual? Drop or Post? Pierced or Clip? Gold or Silver? You get the idea. If you were looking for your pair of earrings, how would you describe it? You can also pick up clues from the Etsy search bar. Type the beginning of your search term in the Etsy search box–what comes up in the dropdown menu? Would any of those search terms work for your item? If so, try them in your listing title.

2) Get Inspiration
Go on and open up an Etsy window, and type the description you came up with in the search box. What do you find? Are the earrings in the same vein as yours? If not, keep trying until your earrings would hold their own in the listings you see. If so, have a look at the listings on the top row. What are they doing with their titles that you aren’t? Think of how you might apply some of what they are doing to your title. Don’t copy it, of course! Just use it as inspiration. Write a new title for your listing and try it out for a while. You might try several different titles for similar earrings and see which ones get you closer to where you want to be in your search.

3) It Can Be Long, You Know
There are some restrictions on what you can put in your title. For example, you can’t use punctuation, like exclamation marks and asterisks. Etsy just wants to keep it from looking like Ebay! Barring that, though, you can write quite a lot in your title. The limit of 140 characters is more than enough to say what you need to say. So, try using more words, more descriptions, more occasions, more materials, and see where you wind up in the search. For the “official” guidelines of what can go in a title, go here.

4) The First Three Words are Most Important
You’ve probably noticed that Etsy only allows visitors to see the first few words of an item’s title on the search page. Officially, it’s the first three words, so, make your first three words really count. Again, look at the leaders in your search and see what they are using. Adapt your listings to be similar. It’s a good idea to repeat your three keywords in your item description and in your tags, if they will fit.

So, go do that. I’ll go get myself a cup of coffee. Meet ya back here in a few.

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