Getting Started With Social Media


Today we’re going to start a new series: Working With Social Media. When it comes to social media, I think all of us are new-bies, just because everything is so new! Remember, it wasn’t very long ago that we couldn’t figure out how to change the ribbons in our typewriters, and now we can share information across the globe in a split second. Mind-boggling at the very least.

So, the first thing to remember is that you are not behind! Don’t feel like you need to catch up with anything, just jump in where you are. A little is more than you did yesterday, and a little more tomorrow will be more still. You will get there with everything eventually.

So, where exactly does one “jump in?” That depends upon what you sell, how you enjoy sharing, how social you want to be, and how much time you want to spend reading blogs and looking at other people’s stuff.

For this week, then, think about these things and make goals for where you want to be in these areas. Then, you’ll have your vision and we can learn together how to realize it.

Looking at these topics further:
1) What Do You Sell?
A product or a service? A “want it” or “need it” product? High dollar or micro sales? Very visual or more conceptual? Depending upon these factors, some social media outlets might work better than others. In some cases, you really have to put your thinking cap on to figure out how you can promote your items on some particular social media outlets. Some I haven’t figured out yet myself. So, I would pick one social media outlet at a time and try to figure out how you could promote your business on it. Look at what other folks do that sell similar items, and see how those strategies might apply to you. You goal should be to be fairly active in at least three. But work on getting just one started at a time! You’ll run yourself nuts if not. Don’t ask me how I know.

2) How Do You LIke Sharing?
Do you love to take pictures? Or would you rather write? Do you like to write a little or a LOT? Figuring out the way you love to communicate is the key to being consistent with it. Believe me, there’s a social media outlet out there for every kind of communicator.

3) How Social Are You? Or How Social Do You Want to Be?
Your followers will come to enjoy and even expect information from you. So, decide now how much time you’re willing to spend a day working on your social media outlets. That includes writing and planning your posts, but also looking and commenting on other people’s posts as well. Whatever level you decide and do for a little while, that’s what your followers will expect. Do any less, they’ll wonder what happened to you, or worse, they might think you’re fly-by-night. Do any more, well, they might think you’re bugging them and leave! So consistency is key, and you might as well decide now what your level of commitment will be. Like I said before, even a little is more than you were doing, so just do what you’re comfortable with.

4) How Much Do You Want to Engage Other People?
Decide now too how much time you’re willing to spend daily reading blogs, looking at Pinterest boards, Etsy shops, Facebook posts, Instagram and Twitter feeds, and all the other stuff. You’ll get a lot of inspiration, make some friends, and read a bunch of stuff you could probably have lived without, but it is part and parcel of social media. If you want folks to interact with you on your social media outlets, you just about have to reciprocate. (This is a really hard one for me, so it’s kind of “do as I say not as I do” on this one, and on just about everything else social media-related. I’m still working my way through setting up my three social media outlets!)

So, that should keep you busy this week! I would love to hear your thoughts on these topics. If you have tips on how you manage social media, I’d love for you to share that too. I’ll look forward to hearing what everyone has to say!

Until next week! Lisa

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